Who am I?

In principle I'm a software engineer who likes coding and sharing code. My main topic of interest is Linux and everything related to it, but what I find fascinating and exciting is the Linux Kernel.

Currently I work for Nokia as a Linux Kernel developer in the enchanting city of Berlin.

Work experience

2012-current - Nokia Platform Central - Berlin, Germany

Unfortunately can't say much what exactly I do due to confidentiality, but in principle these are my main tasks:

2011-2012 - Nokia Mobile Phones - Ulm, Germany

I've been contacted by Nokia to join the Nokia's German team in Ulm. Here they were ramping up a new Nokia project.

The goal was to deliver a new low-end smartphone based on Linux OS. Unfortunately this project will never hit the market.

My main tasks were to:

I would say that the experience at Nokia was simply great. The M. team was the most competent and efficient team in the world, we were friends and together we achieved to develop a high quality product.

Personally I achieved to write drivers which were used and tested by thousands of developers on the Nokia prototypes.

2010-2011 - Alenia Aeronautica - Caselle Torinese (Turin), Italy

I worked in Alenia Aeronautica (today absorbed by Alenia Aermacchi) through TXT e-solutions in the AIRDASS team.

AIRDASS is a project in the current Alenia Aermacchi which maintains and delivers systems which are able to acquire, simulate and misure data from busses which interconnect the aircraft subsystems in an avionic rig.

My main tasks were to:

2009-2010 - CSP Innovazione nelle ICT - Turin, Italy

I started in CSP as an internship from my university and then employed. CSP represents my first contractual working experience.

In this environment I got in touch with the ARM SoC world and cross compiled operating systems. I was involved in two main projects:

  1. Set-top box for HD video streaming from the network based on a beagleboard with Angstrom operating system developed on OpenEmbedded development system.
  2. Tablet based on Mini2440 with emdebian operating system and QTopia graphical environment. Currently QTopia is not anymore maintained.

2006-2008 - Isaac Robot - Turin, Italy

The Isaac Robot project is an interdisciplinary research project of the Polytechnic University of Turin which has the main goal to study the human walk and develop algorithms for robotic systems.

Isaac is a humanoid robot with 12 degrees of freedom who likes playing football. Indeed he took part in the first editions of the RoboCup with honorable performances, but by the time he got older and he had to give up with the later editions.

In the Isaac project I got my feet wet in the Linux world and this was the beginning of a long love story.

I can resume my story in the Isaac Team in three phases:

  1. develop a client/server application over TCP/IP for telemetry;
  2. maintain and develop a Linux operating system compiled from scratch with RTAI Real Time patch.
  3. Isaac 3 (never released):
    • develop the core system which had to host all the component of the onboard software: feedback control system, trajectory generator for 12 motors, software vision, telematic software
    • Linux Kernel Module for the communication with the motors
    • team leader of the software team and design of the onboard software

This project was a kind of fun for me and my team mates. We had the opportunity to take Isaak around Europe and show it in the biggest technology fairs (CeBiT, SMAU). All the work was done with lots of passion and amusement.

Other projects this is a project started with some of my friends/colleagues in Nokia, after Elop's announcement. We didn't want to loose the team spirit we had during the Meltemi time which brought us to achieve wonderful results.
The main goal of is to develop code for the Linux Kernel and to give support to whoever needs.

I am a member of the Italian Linux Society which is the communtiy that advertise and works to spread Linux and Open Source software in Italy.
Here is my personal page on

Computer skills

... and something else

Computer phobia

Everything related to Microsoft Windows Operating System.


2006 - current - Polytechic University of Turin

Master degree in Computer Engineering
Well... shame on me that I still haven't finished :), but it's so boring!

2003 - 2006 - Polytechic University of Turin

Bachelor degree in Computer Engineering

too long ago - Liceo Scientifico Ludovico Pepe - Ostuni (Brindisi), Italy

funny time at the high school, I was not a good student.

My gear

Operating system: Debian
Graphical interface: i3
Editor: vi
Mail client: mutt
Browser: Iceweasel
Smartphone: Nokia N9


I like playing around with embedded boards and test the Linux Kernel on each of them. Currently I work on here is a list of my equipment.

I love Basketball, I'm not good at playing but sometimes, when I have the opportunity I like being ridiculous :). My favorite Basketball team is Olimpia Milano.

If you mix up mathematics and psychology, the result is poker. It's why I like it; poker is not gambling but is the game of betting on the most probable event.